1. Fill out our applications form. Please mark if you’re interested in becoming a manager and develop the Network.

2. Firstly you should receive a confirmation email from us with details of the manager who’s responsible to get in touch with you. This is to prevent fraud and ensure safety. Please check your SPAM folder for the email if you don’t see it within a couple of hours. Add the email addresses to the safe senders list. Next, during the next couple of days (depending on the workload) you will be contacted by one of our managers, just to go through everything, understand your needs, register you to the system and show you all.

3. Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to access the back office where you’ll firstly have to change your password and refer the person who introduced you to the system.

4. Inform your manager about your deposit plans. He will give you instructions where to transfer the money in favour of other network participants. Once the money is sent, he will register the deposit in the back office. After that you can see all of your deposits and how many MAVRO you own. He will keep a registry of your deposits also in a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is kept safe with the tenths manager and all the managers above the tenth.

5. At the end of deposit term it is your responsibility to reach your manager and give instructions about what you wish to do with your unfrozen deposits – if you don’t do anything the deposits continue earning at the same rate that they were registered for, but you can convert them at any time. If you require pay-out, it will be done within 3 business days.

* If you have a friend who wishes to join the system, not a problem, your manager will handle it, unless you want to become a manager yourself.